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Storing theses in Theseus and archiving changed

category: Publications

Confirmed by the decision of the President (94/2021) and starting from September 1st 2021, all SeAMK theses will be stored in Theseus in either an open or restricted collection. Students may choose which collection (open or restricted) to store their thesis in. SeAMK recommends storing the thesis in an open collection.

At this stage PDF documents of the theses stored in the restricted collection are available at SeAMK Library’s public access computers only. The metadata and summary of theses are open to all users.

The thesis is a public document. For this reason, no information which must be kept confidential, can be included in the thesis, even if it is stored in the restricted collection in Theseus. If secret parts are included in the thesis, they are agreed in the thesis agreement. Confidential parts of the thesis are reported and processed in accordance with the SeAMK instructions for the thesis.

With the implementation of the restricted collection, new theses stored in Theseus will no longer be archived in printed form as of September 1st 2021. A hard copy of the thesis is not submitted to the student services or to the library either.