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Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences strives to offer its students the opportunity to study in accessible learning environments. Whenever possible, we try to take into account students’ different learning difficulties, illnesses, disabilities or mental health challenges, as well as different cultural backgrounds.

Accessibility of facilities

Library location in Kampustalo

SeAMK Library is located in Kampustalo (Kalevankatu 35, 60100 Seinäjoki). Library facilities are situated on the 0-floor of Kampustalo.

Kampustalo doors

Library C0-door

Library’s main entrance (C0) is located opposite to the Tower House student apartments. The doors have no automatic opener and they are heavy. At the C0 door, accessibility is also hampered by internal doors and library’s security gates.

Wheelchair access is more convenient through a door nearby a staircase or by opening the double doors. An assistant may be needed when moving around in Kampustalo.

If necessary, you can contact the library’s customer service by phone on 040 830 0410.

Kampustalon C0-ovi.
Library’s main entrance C0 opposite to to the Tower House student apartments.


The main accessible entrance to the Kampustalo is via door D. The doors have automatic openers. Access to the library is via the corridor on the 1st floor, section D, through section B and from there to the lift on section C. The lift takes you down to the 0 floor. See photo below.


The library on the 0-floor can be accessed also through Kampustalo’s main entrance A by following the signs, but the route is quite winding. The lift can be found near the C1 door. The lift takes you from the floor 1 to the floor 0.

Kampustalon pohjakartta, jossa näkyy kirjaston, hissin ja ulko-ovien sijainnit.
Map of Kampustalo


There are disabled parking spaces near the main entrance A of Kampustalo. There are no actual parking spaces in front of the C0 door, but short-term parking is possible near the door for visiting the library.

Library facilities

There is enough space between the shelves for wheelchair access. The height of the library’s self-checkout and checkin machines is not adjustable. An assistant may be needed. You can also ask library staff for assistance.

Toilet facilities

Accessible toilets are located in the Kampustalo main lobby and in the toilet facilities on the C0 floor.

Digital accessibility

Digital accessibility is taken into account in the delivery and development of library services.

SeAMK Library’s online and digital services comply with levels A and AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

More detailed information on accessibility can be found on the following accessibility statements:

Information about accessibility of library’s electronic resources can be found on E-library. Accessibility statements are available under each e-resource if the provider has published them.

Accessibility Library Celia produces and delivers literature in accessible formats, including audio books and braille books for all those with reading difficulties. The service is available via SeAMK Library for the SeAMK students, who find it difficult or impossible to read, for example because of reading disability, injury or illness.

The students at SeAMK, who are Celia customers, can request a longer loan period of four weeks for course books instead of the normal two weeks. In such a situation, please contact SeAMK Library.