Exceptional Library Hours in Spring


There are many changes in libraries’ opening hours during spring because of mid-week holidays, staff meetings and move preparations. Please check the changes before your visit to the library. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Campus Library

Health Library

Agriculture Library

Mon 30.4. 9-15 9-15 closed
Tue 1.5. closed closed closed
Wed 2.5. 9-11 9-16 9-16
Wed 9.5. 9-15 9-15 9-15
Thu 10.5.
closed closed closed
Fri 11.5. 9-17 9-16 closed
Mon 14.5. 9-17 9-16 12-16
Wed 16.5.- Fri 1.6.
12-14 closed closed except Tue 29.5. and Thu 31.5. open 9-16
From Mon 4.6.
closed closed closed except Tue 5.6. and Thu 7.6. open 9-16

All the collections and services of both Campus Library and Health Library are to be united. We shall open the new SeAMK Library in refurbished Campus House in autumn. Agriculture Library will serve patrons as usual in Ilmajoki Campus until the end of 2018. Follow library news on the net!