New features on SeAMK-Finna


Some changes have been made to SeAMK-Finna to make it easier to use and to find information.  Also a new collection of free online publications has been added to SeAMK-Finna.

Other versions and See also

A new function shows other versions of the same publication on SeAMK-Finna. That means, for example, other editions or different content types of the same publications. Other versions can be found on the search results page, when you click on Show other versions, or on the detailed information page, when you switch to Other versions tab. The number of other versions appears in parentheses. So, if the printed book you want is on loan, you might also want to check out a possible e-book or an older printed edition.

When you look at the detailed information page of the material, you can find the See also recommendation on the right. The recommendation shows five publications that are related to the material you are viewing. The publications might be related by subject, genre, or the author. If you have found interesting books, See also recommends you books about the same subject, in English or in Finnish.

The list of the latest publications

The list of the latest publications on SeAMK-Finna is modified and it shows now better the last new books within the previous month. There are both printed and electronic books on the list. The books that are still on order, won’t appear on the list anymore. You can see the list of the latest publications when you click on Search functions in the top menu and choose New on SeAMK-Finna.

You can also search for new publications by doing an empty search on SeAMK-Finna and narrowing it from the Narrow search list on the left. Click on the option Last added to select the period you want. This list also includes other types of material, such as journals and theses, as well as books, that are still on order.

New collectionThe collections that are included to SeAMK-Finna basic search.

A new collection of free online publications has also been added to SeAMK-Finna. It includes the Finnish Food Authority’s publications. You can browse all the publications of Finnish Food Authority or search by keywords within this collection.

All the other collections already added to SeAMK-Finna can be found when you do an empty search. You can find the Collection in the Narrow Search list on the left. Basic Search automatically searches all these collections, but you can choose to target only one of these collections.