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Open online publications in SeAMK-Finna

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Open online publications have been added to SeAMK-Finna’s basic search. Open online publications can be used by anyone, so they are an addition to the library’s purchased materials. We will add more these open online publications to SeAMK-Finna when it is possible. We hope that these open publications will be useful to both students and staff in their search for information.

The latest open publications are The Finnish Centre for Pensions and Bank of Finland’s institutional repository.  Previously added open publications are The Library of Open Educational Resources and Institutional Repository for the Government.

Information about open online publications

  • The Finnish Centre for Pensions publishes studies, reports, statistics, handbooks, booklets and the Työeläke magazine (in Finnish).
  • The Bank of Finland reports on its economic views and analyses in various publications. The Bank of Finland Bulletin is the Bank’s main publication, focusing on macroeconomic, financial and monetary policy issues.
  • The Library of Open Educational Resources is a joint service of the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish National Agency for Education that compiles open educational resources (OER) into a single view shared by all levels of education. The service allows users to search and utilize open educational resources.
  • Institutional Repository for the Government (Valtioneuvoston julkaisuarkisto Valto) contains publications published in the Ministries’ publications series in PDF format starting from the beginning of 2016, some earlier publications, and publications by agencies.

Narrow your search

Open materials are automatically included in the search when you perform a basic search. You can see the collections included in the basic search from the Narrow Search menu on the left. For example, you can limit your search results in a specific collection. If you don’t want to view open online publications, you can select Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences Library. You can read more about narrowing your search in SeAMK-Finna’s instructions.