Effects on library services due to the system change


SeAMK Library has implemented a new Alma library management system at the turn of the year. The system change affects SeAMK-Finna as well. It will remain as the search service for the patrons.

Logging in to SeAMK-Finna

Students and staff at SeAMK will login to SeAMK-Finna with their SeAMK credentials as before (Haka-login).

Other patrons’ logging in to SeAMK-Finna will change. It is not possible to use SeAMK library card’s credentials any longer. Other patrons will order a single-use login link to their email address. The address has to be the same which a patron has notified the library.

Former PIN codes will not work

Patrons will still need their library card number and PIN code at self check-out machines. Old codes don’t work any more. Patrons can save a new PIN code on SeAMK-Finna under My account. PIN code consists of four numbers only. When changing the code it must be done on same device.

Requesting for both books on shelf and on loan

In the renewed SeAMK-Finna there is no need for requesting only books on shelf. The same functionality (Place a hold or request an available item) works in both requesting types.

Link texts to e-resources vary

SeAMK-Finna includes many links to e-books, e-publications and e-journals. Now link texts can be in various forms: the name or the url of the database or web service, view full text etc. We are still working with the texts. You’ll have access to the resource via the link, though.

New email notifications

There are more letter options to inform patrons in Alma. Patrons will receive courtesy letters, on hold shelf letters, overdue notice letters, loan and return receipts, cancel request letters and borrowing activity letters to their email address.

Automatic renewals for SeAMK staff

With the new system we’ll start introducing automatic renewal of loans for university staff. If there is no request on the book, it will be automatically renewed for 500 days. After that, book must be returned or bring to the library for checking-out again.


We apologize the inconvenience caused by the system change. We’ll keep on working with the changes.