Chatbot added to library's real-time chat service

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The SeAMK Library’s chat service has been enhanced with a chatbot service. The chatbot is called Kirabotti, named after the library’s mascot giraffe Kira. We answer the chat mostly on weekdays, but at other times Kirabotti is available around the clock. You can also check the library’s FAQs or send a question to the library.

How do I find the library chat and the Kirabotti?

You can find the chat service on the library website, library guides, SeAMK-Finna search service and the library section of the Tuudo mobile app. The chat icon can be found at the bottom of the services.

Chat is open: Chat-kuvake kun chat on auki.Chat is closed, Kirabotti available: Kirjaston chatin kuva kun chat on kiinni.

Kirabotti kuvake, kun chatbot on päällä.Kirabotti does not understand written text. There are several options you can click on to get help with various problems you may have using the library and its services.

The chat service is bilingual, so you can use it in English or Finnish. When you use Kirabotti, you must choose one of the two languages.

When are the chat and Kirabotti open?

We answer the chat  at the library customer service during the semester, generally from Monday to Friday 10 am – 3 pm. There may be exceptions to the chat service during the day. Our information service assistants who are on duty will answer your question via chat.

At all other times, Kirabotti is open around the clock, even on weekdays when the customer service is not available.

If the chat is not open and you cannot get an answer through Kirabotti, you can send a question to the library through Kirabotti or the FAQ pages.

What can I ask in chat? What about Kirabotti?

You can use chat to ask general questions about library services. Topics can include:

  • loans and loan periods, returns, reservations, renewals, and fees
  • changes on contact information
  • opening hours
  • inquiries about our collections: specific books, journals and electronic resources
  • SeAMK-Finna search serviceA Kirabotti answer to remote access to e-resources.
  • instructions on how to use e-resources and about remote access

In Kirabotti, you can choose from a variety of pre-defined answers. The topics are grouped into four categories:

  • Using the library
  • SeAMK-Finna
  • E-resources
  • Finding information

Kirabotti gives answers to questions such as how to connect your library card to SeAMK-Finna or how to access e-resources remotely.

Answers in the Kirabotti will usually lead you to existing library instructions. You can browse the instructions yourself, but Kirabotti will help you by directing you to the right place in the instructions.

Can I ask anonymously?

We will ask you for your name and email address at the beginning of the chat. If you prefer, you can just give us your first name or your nickname. If we can’t answer your question during the chat, we will contact you later through the ticketing system. For this we need your email address.

You can use Kirabotti anonymously. If you can’t find an answer or want to ask for more specific information, you can send us a question. In this case, you will need to provide your name and email address so that we can contact you later through the ticketing system.

Library customer service online

Kirabotti complements the library’s multi-channel communication platform called LibAnswers, which was launched in spring 2021. The library now has a chat service on weekdays and a chatbot service at other times, as well as a ticketing system and FAQ pages.

Come and chat with the library or find an answer with Kirabotti!