Remembering your login in SeAMK-Finna

category: Library services

Logging in to SeAMK-Finna will be easier than before for other patrons than SeAMK students and staff. The service now offers the possibility to remember your login, i.e. permanent login. This is especially useful on mobile devices.

If you log in to SeAMK-Finna with email account or Finna ID, you can choose to have the service remember you for 180 days. Then you don’t have to enter your credentials every time you use the service.

Remembering your login is not possible for SeAMK students and staff who use HAKA login.

Remember these things when using this feature:

  • If you want to save your login details, select the box “Remember my login for the next 180 days” when logging in. It is not pre-selected.
  • The feature is based on cookies. If you delete cookies from your browser, you have to log in again.
  • The feature only works on the browser and device where you have selected it. If you want to use it on other devices or browsers, you have to select it separately on them.
  • If you want to stop the feature before 180 days are over, log out of your account. You can also manage your saved login information in SeAMK-Finna’s Profile page.
  • Never save your login information on shared computers!