Opening Hours in August


SeAMK Library has exceptional opening hours in August.



Tapio Hall (Tapio-sali)

5.8.–1.9. Mon–Fri 9–16 Mon–Fri 7.30–18

As the library’s main entrance C0 is open, patrons can pick up and check out requested books as well as check in books by using self service machines located in Tapio Hall (Tapio-sali). The requested books can be found on the book trolleys in Tapio Hall and they are sorted by the library card or student card number. Don’t forget to check out your requests. For that, you’ll need to have your library card and PIN code with you. When the Campus House is closed, patrons can return their loans to the book drop by the C0 entrance.

Because of the exceptional hours the loan periods have been longer, until August 15th. Please remember to return or renew your loans on Aug 15th at the latest.

The library will be open as usual starting from September 2nd. During semester library is open Mon–Fri 9am–6pm. Information about exceptional hours is available on library’s web pages and on social media. Valid hours can be found on the web pages.