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Library services spring/summer 2022


Checklist for our patrons about service changes in the SeAMK Library during the summer.

Opening, self-service and closing hours in May-August 2022

Patrons can use the library independently during library opening hours at 9am–10am. Library is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Changes  in May

Library is open Mon–Fri 9am–5pm. Please note the exceptions on the days shown below.

  • Monday 9.5.
    • open 9am–4pm
    • customer service open 9am–12pm
    • self-service 12pm–4pm
  • Friday 13.5.
    • self-service 9am–12pm
    • customer service open 12pm–5pm
  • Wednesday 25.5.
    • open 9am–3pm
    • customer service open 10am–3pm
  • Thursday 26.5. and Friday 27.5.
    • library is closed


  • library is open Mon–Fri 9am–4pm
  • exceptions:
    • Friday 3.6. closed
    • Monday 6.6, self-service 9am–12pm, customer service open 12pm–4pm
    • Thursday 23.6. open 9am–3pm


  • library is closed. It you have requested books on Thursday June 23 at 2pm at the latest, you can pick them up and check them out during 27.6.–1.7. between 7:30am–4:00pm from Tapio-sali. Checking in books to the machines is also possible. Entry to the Tapio-sali is through C0 door.
  • Kampustalo is closed 4.–31.7.


  • library is open Mon–Fri 9am–4pm
    • exception: 19.8. customer service is open 9am–12pm, self-service 12pm–4pm

Starting from 29.8.

  • return to normal hours. Library is open Mon–Fri 9am–5pm

Valid daily opening hours can always be found on SeAMK-Finna’s web page

Longer loan periods

Because the library is closed for a longer time, we are giving longer loan periods for books. There are no due dates during the time library is closed. Please check the due dates of your loans and don’t forget to renew your loans before the library closes. SeAMK staff’s loans will be automatically renewed by the system unless there are no requests on them.

  • From 26 May, the four-week loan period will be extended until 10 August.
  • From 9 June, two-week loans (course books) will have a longer loan period until 10 August.


During the period 27.6.–1.7. when the library is closed, but the C0 door to Kampustalo is open, you can check-in books to the self-checkin shelf or to the checkin-checkout machine in Tapio-sali during 7:30am–4:00pm. According to the instructions available on SeAMK Intra, SeAMK students have access to Tapio-sali through C0 entrance for example to pick up their requests and check them out by using the self-checkout machine.

During the time Kampustalo is closed, you can return books to the book drop box by the C0 door, located at the right end of Kampustalo.


You cannot request books on SeAMK-Finna starting from Thursday 23.6. at 2pm. You may request books on SeAMK-Finna again on Monday 1.8. as the library opens.


During the closure the library staff is on vacation. Emails and messages will not be processed and the phone calls will not be answered. Interlibrary loans will not be handled either.

EXAM visits

EXAM visits by the students from other universities can only be taken during the SeAMK Library’s customer opening hours. Please check the hours on the SeAMK-Finna page and arrive early, so that the SeAMK librarian has time to check the visitor’s id and let the visitor in to the EXAM room before the customer service desk closes. More information is available on SeAMK EXAM instructions.


New theses will not be processed on Theseus during the closure. They will be handled when the library opens again.


E-books and e-journals are available for the SeAMK students and staff the whole summer. You can search for e-books, e-journals and e-articles on SeAMK-Finna if you narrow your search by “Available online” limiter. Instructions and library guides on how to use e-resources can be found via the links below.

Have a nice summer!