Guidelines to information seeking for thesis writers


At first - get to know


-> Instructions for written assignments and theses


All instructions for written work, thesis templates, guidelines for writing UAS degree thesis and master degree thesis and evaluation criteria are available on the university intranet.


    1. Analyse your topic and define key concepts




    2. Browse thesis of other students



    3. Find information - Use of sources is a crucial part of theses building the knowledge base of your thesis:


    -   Justifying the topic, theoretical background and framework, defining concepts, research results


    -   Research methods - Quantitative or qualitative method? – Survey? -   Development project? – Scientific study? – Case study? – Action research? –  Interview method? – Analysis of data? 


    -   Recent information - experts, expert and advisory organisations, authorities 


    -   Official information and facts                        


    -   New points of view, quickhelp - Seach engines, directories, portals  



    4. Evaluate


    • the realibility and objectivity of information - who is the producer or author of the information? Being up-to-date?
    •  the usefulness of information - do the results correspond to your original information need?
    • the accessibility the information - does the acquisition and the adoption the material demand specific skills or resources?


    5. Write your text references and bibliography according to    The Instructions of Written Work



    6. How to write?



    7. Remember copyright



    8. Congratulations! - Upload your thesis on Theseus


    Why information seeking?
    • What is already known about your topic
    • theoretical background and framework
    • main concepts
    • high-quality information sources: professional, up-to-date and international information
    Brainstorm search words
    How to recognize a research paper?
    • The structure of the report or artcle
    • Writer is a resaecrher or an expert
    • Published in an academic or a research series or in a scholarly journal
    • bibliography is always Included


    If you don't find...
    • Try different kind of search words, synonyms, broader or narrower terms etc.
    • check that you have correct search words and search technique
    • check that you have used suitable databases
    • ask from library and information specialists - personal counseling available