Seinäjoki Academic Library Terms of Use

Approved by Library Management Group
Effective Aug 21st, 2015

Seinäjoki Academic Library comprises three library units. Campus Library and Health Library are located in Seinäjoki, Agriculture Library in Ilmajoki.

All library units have a common customer register, common library card and SeAMK-Finna web service. In SeAMK-Finna you can search books, e-books, theses, journals, articles and databases from the library collections. You can also make reservations, renew your loans, and save favourites and searches. Log in with your SeAMK username and all library resources are available to you.

Usage rights

Seinäjoki Academic Library is open to everybody. The usage rights apply the right to use library material and services, work stations and public premises according to the rules of the library. There are some restrictions for making reservations for course books on loan.

Library card

A new customer must notify his personal data and contact information and verify his identity in order to get a library card. A person aged under 15 must have a consent from the guardian. The library card is personal and it must be always along when one borrows. The first library card is free.

The library card is valid for a limited period. The length of the validity is determined by the customer group. The customer data will be checked after the validity has ended and the validity will be defined again.

When signing the library card, the customer commits himself to follow the terms of use. The customer is responsible for borrowed material and material borrowed by his under 15-year-old child on his card. The customer must notify changes to his address, name and guardian information and the loss of the library card.

Borrowing and renewing loans

The loan period of course books is 14 days (2 weeks). The loan period of other material and theses is 28 days (4 weeks). Short loans are lent over night or weekend only. The journals are not lent out.

You can make reservations to any library unit. The service is free for the customer.

The loans of all library units can be renewed in any unit, by telephone, by e-mail or on the library's SeAMK-Finna web service, unless reservations have been made for the loans. It is possible to renew loans up to 50 times per item.

Making reservations

You can make reservations for books that are on loan (=hold) or for the books that are on shelves (=callslip). There are some restrictions for making reservations for course books on loan (loan period 14 days). All customers can make reservations for other material (loan period 28 days).

You can make reservations for course books if you belong to the one of the following customer groups: student or staff in Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, student or staff in University Consortium of Seinäjoki (the Universities of Tampere, Helsinki or Vaasa, Sibelius Academy and Etelä-Pohjanmaa Summer University) or staff in Southern Ostrobothnian Hospital District.  

The reservations can also be made by telephone, by e-mail or on the library's SeAMK-Finna web service You can pick the reservations up from the library unit, which you have selected for a pickup location when making a reservation. If you already have a book on loan, you will not be able to make a reservation for that.

Returning loans

You can return the loans to any library unit of Seinäjoki Academic Library. If the loans have been returned out of hours, they will be processed on the following working day. Charges of loans returned out of hours will continue to accrue according to the price list of the library until they are processed on the next working day. The customer is responsible for returning the loans to the library book drops.

Overdue loans

The customer has to renew or return his loans by the due date in order to avoid the overdue charges. The first overdue notice will be sent the day after the due date. The second overdue notice will be sent on the 6th day following the due date.

Overdue charges for the course books and short loans will accrue daily after the due date, also during the weekends. For the short loans of the Campus Library, overdue charges will accrue hourly. Other loans can be returned free of charge within six days after the due date. After this, overdue charges will accrue daily after the due date, also during weekends.

The customer is responsible for the returning or renewal of the loans in time. The library will send out due-date email alerts. This does not affect your responsibility to return items or renew them by their due date even if there were problems with the data communications.

Patron block

The customer will be blocked from borrowing if the level of the charges and fees reaches or exceeds the limit in the price list or if the customer has been billed. The customer will be billed for damaged or unreturned material on the 60th day after the due date. The charges can be collected, if necessary, with legal acts. In that case, the collection charges are left for the customer to be paid.

The patron block will be withdrawn by returning the overdue material and by paying the overdue charges, by replacing the lost or damaged material or by settling the outstanding account. The customer can give up his borrowing privileges by returning the library card to any library unit of Seinäjoki Academic Library. All his personal and contact information will be removed from the library system.

Interlibrary loans

If the material you need is not available at the library, it can be ordered for you from other libraries. You can request an interlibrary loan by visiting the nearest library unit of Seinäjoki Academic Library or by sending e-mail. You must have a library card with full borrowing privileges to the Academic Library to request an interlibrary loan.

Library units are independently responsible for sending out interlibrary loans, so they should be contacted directly by means of post or e-mail. Course books are only lent to students who have the right to make reservations on them.

Charges and fees

The library units of Seinäjoki Academic Library charge for item available and overdue notices and collect overdue charges defined in the valid library service price list. Unpaid overdue charges and other fees will accrue in the customer's debt balance. The customer will be blocked from borrowing if the level of the charges and fees reaches or exceeds the limit in the price list.

Lost, unreturned or damaged items are charged case by case. Invoicing and collection charges will also be charged. There is a fee defined in the library service price list for replacing a lost or damaged library card.

Fees defined in the library service price list will be charged for received and delivered interlibrary loans. Fees defined in the library service price list will also be charged for information and training services as well as room rentals.

Electronic resources

Electronic material (e-books, e-journals, reference books and databases) is available in the library units of Seinäjoki Academic Library. The degree students and staff of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences are entitled to use e-resources through the university computer network or through remote use. Usage rights for every e-resource are available on library’s web pages.

Privacy protection

The customer register of Seinäjoki Academic Library is used only for circulation control. Information about customer’s loans or any other personal data concerning an individual customer will not be turned over to any outsider. This does not apply to debt collection actions. Everyone has a right to check their data on the customer register in accordance with the Personal Data Act (523/99). The library has a right to register the customer's personal identity number (permission No. 56 of the Data Protection Board 29th Nov, 1993).

Responsibilities of the customer and possibilities of influencing

The customer uses library material at his own risk. The library will not be liable if a borrowed item damages customer’s personal device. The library is not liable to pay damages caused by library materials to a third party.

Wishes and remarks concerning library material and service can be made for the staff of each library unit. If necessary, the library director can be contacted.